Listen Again!

There’s more to our lyrics than a lot of people realise.

If you missed the radio interview and acoustic version of Thank You Mister Atkins on Sunday night you can hear it below but be warned it is a bit of a tear  jerker. Find out how and why we support Honour Our Troops.


Yet another radio interview this Thursday night on 107 Garrison FM just before legging it to the Raging Bull Christmas Cracker Colchester.

Tracks from the album  are being played everywhere including Last Ninja as another show opener on the  awesome Yan Theriault Le Stream show in Canada. Album reviews are popping up all over the place too.

Dave Vokes has taken some truly amazing photos of us live at The Westy and they have just arrived on the LMI website. Works of art Dave!  If you want to order copies signed by us just ask Dave and he’ll track us down

Stop your Christmas shopping nightmares by buying ‘And when you get to the end’ from Amazon for £6.99. They’ll even gift wrap and deliver it for you just to make things even easier.

There is a great long list of thanks inside the album booklet. If your name isn’t in there it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. Tell us and we’ll give you a personal shout out on the website. You won’t know unless you’ve bought the CD, you might be surprised!

Three gigs this week

14th Railway Winchester ‘Xmas Showcase’ with The Amelias

16th The Bull Colchester ‘Raging Bull Christmas Cracker’ with Marner Brown

18th The Phoenix Lounge Aldershot Town FC

More details on the website or ask us on Facebook.

That’s all for now. Thanks again for everything, see you at a gig somewhere soon.

Ryan, Paul, Lawrence, Rauf and James.

The Fins

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