Three websites for your amusement…

The amazing Mr Vokes (and the lovely Jenny) did a fantastic job on Saturday 4th, photos are up on the LMI Photography website.

If you missed picking up your photo booth shots you can still order them from him. Take a look at them here.

Ben Clayton has some photos up on Facebook too, cheers Ben. There’s a particularly weird one of Rauf.

Big thanks to Automated who got everybody’s feet stomping and thank you everyone who turned out on such a cold night. If you missed out, more gigs are coming up so keep checking back on the website.

There is an hour of mad humour, bad language, Brian Blessed and The Fins on the Wildly Irrelevant show (http://wildlyirrelevant.wordpress.com/)

We’re doing a Skyperview with them soon which will be completely insane. More about that later.

We’re very pleased to have been given the Voltcase seal of approval ‘Packed full of traditional fist-in-the-air-turbo-charged rock’n’roll anthems.’ Check out the full feature on The Fins at www.voltcase.com you might find out a few things about us you didn’t know!

‘And when you get to the end’ is being played all over the place, we can’t keep up with it!
If you hear us on the radio or see an article – tell us. It makes us happy!

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